"I am please to say that I am very satisfied with her work. She is very professional and pleasant to work with. She has a very lovely personality and is focused on her tasks and her subject.
All of our hosts, presenters and guests of Living Life Now who have had the pleasure of Stephanie do their hair and makeup have commented on how fantastic she is in skills and personality. It is always amazing to see her at work with several on-lookers at production shoots asking for her contact details."
Living Life Now [Atlantis Productions]
Chanel 31 & Foxtel

"Worked with Stephanie numerous times and I can say that her work is just amazing. Not only does she have remarkable artistic talent, her great personality also shines through. She has not only become a fantastic working partner but also a great friend as well. Keep up the great job hun!"
Andrea Kwang [Photographer/Stylist]

"I love working with Stephanie. She has always approached my fashion shoots with an eye of an artist. She truly understand the language of image composition in which the makeup complements and heightens the other elements in the shoot. My clothing takes on a new life as the model's makeup reflects the emotions and energy the photographer has envisioned. She is an inspiring professional to work with."
Dana Lenko [Fashion Designer]

"The day of the wedding should be stress free for a bride, and that's exactly how I felt with you doing my hair and makeup.
You executed the look I wanted perfectly! Thank you for being so cool, calm and professional! I have already recommended you to my friends getting married!"

"Thanks so much for the makeup & hair styling for me and my BMs. You've brought out the most beautiful side of me on that day and I have received alort of compliments too ^^"

"Hey Steph!! Thank you so much for Sunday...the make up stayed on until I got home..even through that 40 degree heat. It still looked perfect!!! See you on the 12th March!!!"

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU soo much for the gorgeous job you did for my wedding!! The hair styles were soo perfect and I've actually had a fair few girls ask for you contact details since, for their own weddings!!"

"I have since received so any compliments on the hairstyles and makeup for the wedding!!  Thank you so much, you're an inspiration!"

" Just wanted to email you and thank you for the absolutely fantastic job you did with me and my bridesmaids hair and makeup. You got the look I was after down to a "T". I am so happy I chose you. I hear of so many wedding horrors and I was so lucky you were such an easy person to work with and you are so good at what you do. Thanks again love. "
Leanne B